Yibtech YSH TEF 160 L Санпропускник

Today, there are many business areas such as the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry that have to do their job in accordance with hygiene conditions. Working in these business areas that can directly affect human health requires a great responsibility. Ensuring that the working areas and working people are clean are among the top issues that all business owners who respect their work and people should pay attention to. Sanitation is the most reliable method to disinfect the working people. It is possible to see sanitation, the environment and the person as an attempt to purify the disease from microorganisms.
Thanks to the mechanisms called sanitation lines, it can be ensured that people working in areas that can directly affect people in terms of health comply with hygiene conditions. Sanitation lines have many models according to their structure and size. There are sanitation lines with tourniquets that do not allow passage without providing adequate hygiene, as well as sanitation lines with only hand disinfectant units without tourniquets. One of these sanitation lines is the YIBTECH YSH TEF 160 L model. This model, which is larger than other models and L shape, has photocell brushes at the beginning, followed by a sink and manual soap dispenser and a hand washing section. In the next parts, there is a single-chamber hand sanitizer unit and a tourniquet.

Product Summary: Hygiene Station
Material: 304/4N Stainless Steel
Operation: Sensor-Operated Usage (Touch-Free)
Power: 220-240V/50-60 Hz
Usage: Plug-In Model
Capacity: 5 LT
Mounting: Moveable
Color: Satin Finish
Extensions: Single/Double Bowl Hand Disinfectant Dispenser with Turnstile Control (Sensor-Operated), Single Washbasin (Knee-Operated), Liquid Soap Dispenser (Manual), Paper Towel Dispenser with Bin (Manual) and Entry-Exit Steps
Dimensions: 2570 mm x 1950 mm (Standard) / Production and Dimensioning According to the Request of Our Customers
Areas of Usage: Hospitals, Factories, Food and Beverage Factories