Шкафчик для дезинфекции ножей

Yibtech YBÇ 20 Шкафчик для дезинфекции ножей

Like many hotels and restaurants, businesses that have to offer meals to the public also need to pay attention to hygiene in the kitchen area due to health conditions. Serving delicious food should be done with the help of kitchenware and utensils arranged according to cleaning and hygiene conditions. This is why cleaning knives that are often used in the kitchen is very important. Therefore, blade disinfectant devices have been manufactured to disinfect the blades and use them in a clean state.
One of these devices with different capacities and features is the YIBTECH YBÇ 10 model. This blade disinfecting device has a timer and is extremely useful for medium and large kitchens thanks to its 20 blade capacity.

Product Summary: Knife Disinfection Cabinet
Operation: UV Tube Usage
Detail: Timer-Operated Sterilizer
Power: 220-240V/50-60 Hz
Capacity: 20 Units
Mounting: Wall-Mounted
Areas of Usage: Hotels, Factories, Food and Beverage Factories, Slaughterhouses, Restaurants and Bars