Гигиенический шкафчик для тапочек

Yibtech TD 02 Гигиенический шкафчик для тапочек

Hygiene is a little more important than other business lines in the business lines that have to serve hundreds of people a day or continue their production day by day. Occupational safety and health experts also seriously examine this aspect of this type of business and report the necessary measures to the business owners.
In these workplaces that have to wear protective masks, gloves, overshoes, gowns, etc., it is also an important issue to store these kinds of clothing and materials for protection. It is possible to provide this storage and protection with hygienic closet systems. There are some different models of these closet systems, which allow to store many daily or disposable items of clothing.
One of these models is YIBTECH TD 02. It is designed as a slipper cabinet, made of stainless steel.

Product Summary: Hygienic Slipper Cabinet
Material: 304/4N Stainless Steel
Mounting: Wall-Mounted
Areas of Usage: Hospitals, Factories, Food and Beverage Factories