Двойная раковина

Yibtech STV 132 FV 02 Двойная раковина

The top of everything is health, and the top of health is cleanliness. Since modern man has noticed this, there has been a great reduction in diseases. Another nice aspect of cleanliness is the feeling of happiness it gives to people. The sense of calm brought by cleaning can be felt even in practical cleaning attempts such as hand and face washing. For many, the first thing to do when you wake up in the morning is hand and face cleaning.
Since we use our hands very effectively during the day, it will be useful to wash them frequently. People serving in matters that concern people’s health should clearly understand its importance. In institutions such as restaurants that serve food, cleaning is the most important concept.
We can easily do hand cleaning in many institutions or homes through hand cleaning sinks. There are many different models of these kitchen sinks, which are widely used.
One of them is the YIBTECH STV 205 D model. The feature that distinguishes this sink from other models is that it is knee-knocked. You can fulfill your soap or water request through the buttons in front of your right and left knees. This triple wash sink manages to attract attention with its knee hitting feature.

Product Summary: Triple Hand Washing Sink
Material: 304/4N Stainless Steel
Operation: Knee-Operated (Touch-Free)
Mounting: Floor-Mounted
Color: Satin Finish
Extensions: 3 x Tap (Knee-Operated), 2 x Liquid Soap Dispenser (Knee-Operated)
Options: Mixer (Optional)
Dimensions: 2050 x 705 x 850 mm.
Areas of Usage: Hospitals, Factories, Food and Beverage Factories