Дозатор антисептика (сенсор)

Yibtech FK 1000 D Дозатор антисептика (сенсор)

We may say that the sense we use most in our daily lives is the sense of touch. Therefore, the most used organ in our communication with the outside world is our hands. Cleaning hands that touch hundreds of different objects or creatures during the day is an extremely serious issue. Although we cannot see, there are millions of microorganisms in our environment. While some of these creatures are useful, some can be harmful. Protecting our hands against such harmful bacteria means that we take care of the health of our people and our own health.
Hand cleaning is much more important for people, such as children, the elderly or patients, who have to contact people whose body resistance and defense mechanisms are not sufficient. In addition, since food or service sector employees are constantly in contact with different people and different products, they need to find a solution. The most guaranteed way to achieve hand hygiene professionally is to use hand disinfectant devices. With the help of these devices, you can destroy the harmful bacteria in the hands and also protect your hands against these microorganisms for a while.
Here is one of these hand sanitizer devices is called YIBTECH FK 1000 D.

Product Summary: Hand Disinfectant Dispenser
Material: 304/4N Stainless Steel
Operation: Sensor-Operated Usage (Touch-Free)
Dimensions: 95 x 160 x 330 mmh
Power: 220-240V / 50-60 Hz
Usage: Wall-Mounted
Capacity: 1 LT
Mounting: Wall-Mounted
Color: Satin Finish
Areas of Usage: Schools, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Food and Beverage Factories, Factories, Airports