Emergency Eye Shower System

Yibtech Y 05 D Emergency Eye Shower System


Work safety and health is an increasingly important field in our country. The recently changing laws include serious sanctions on job security. However, risky works must be done on the other hand. Since occupational safety experts inform the institutions what should be considered while doing these works, we see that these risks are tried to be minimized. With the development of technology and science, chemicals have become important in human life. We have to use chemicals in almost every field.

These chemicals can be useful or harmful. Therefore, business areas that are at risk of exposure to some harmful chemicals must resolve this. The most important factor in crisis management is to develop preventive behavior. Preventing the crisis is much easier than finding a solution after the crisis. Occupational safety and health services also work on this principle. One of the preventive solutions is to use emergency shower systems in the works at risk of encountering such chemicals.

There are many different models of emergency shower systems. YIBTECH Y 05 D model is one of them. This wall-mounted emergency shower system is an extremely useful for eye and face showers.


Product Summary: Emergency Eye Shower System
Material: 304/4N Stainless Steel
Mounting: Wall-mounted
Color: Bright Finish
Areas of Usage: Hospitals, Kitchens, Factories, Food and Beverage Factories