Glue Insect Trap

Yibtech KY 40 CIZZZ Glue Insect Trap


The environment where the human is located occupies a huge area. In this natural environment, all kinds of creatures such as animals and plants are found. Most of the time, these creatures contribute positively to human life. However, there are harmful creatures in which we have to share our environment. Flies are perhaps one of the most annoying creatures in human life. In addition, by nature, continuing to live in microbes and bacteria nests negatively affects human health. Flies have always managed to stay at the top of natural selection due to suitable environmental conditions. That is why fighting flies is at the beginning of what needs to be done, at least not to have to share our daily environments such as work and home with these animals. Our assistant in the field of fighting flies is again technology. Today, we come across many products produced for use in this field. The newest of these products are adhesive fly traps. These devices take advantage of the weakness of the flies to the light and manage to create an attraction to the flies.

YIBTECH KY40 CIZZZ model adhesive fly killing device is a tool that will make it easier to fight flies in indoor environments such as home and workplace. This device allows you to cope with and get rid of most flies in an area of 20M2. This device, which can work with 40W power, is in steel coating and black color. It helps protect your natural environment from flies with an extremely pleasant appearance.


DKP sheet metal epoxy black painted, with lamp, adhesive fly killing device. Optionally, it is supplied with teflon coated (unbreakable) bulb.

Glue Insect Trap
Voltage: 220 - 230 V / 50 Hz
UV Lamp: 1x20 W
Power: 20 W
Range: 20 m2
Dimensions: 350 x 240 x 140 hmm