Electric Insect Trap

Yibtech KP 40 CIZZZ Electric Insect Trap


Human health comes first. A healthy person is also expected to have a clean environment. Houses, workplaces, restaurants that have been disinfected and cleaned within the framework of hygiene rules are among these circles. Since people have a desire to socialize, they are frequently found in living environments. Taking care of cleaning in these areas means attention to human health. These are among the things to be done in order to protect these environments from flies and flying insects, and to create cleaning and hygiene conditions. Since flies are found in environments that contain lots of microbes due to their nature, they create feelings of discomfort in humans. The formation of such emotions means problems for the owners of the workplace. The fastest and safest way to fight flies in many areas such as hospitals, restaurants, houses and workplaces passes through electric fly killing devices.

YIBTECH KP 40 CIZZZ model. This model, which weighs 9.5 kg and operates with 40W energy, guarantees to eliminate all flying pests from your environment by means of its electric grill. This model, which has an impact area of 35-40 m2, attracts and destroys all flying pests thanks to its light that attracts flies and offers you an environment free from flies.


Electric fly killing device with grid.

Electric Insect Trap
Voltage: 220 - 230 V / 50 Hz
UV Lamp: 2x20 W
Power: 115 W
Range: 35-40 m2
Discharge Voltage: 5000 V
Weight: 9.5 kg
Dimensions: 700x215x390mmh