Washable Hygienic Mat

Yibtech HP 75 Washable Hygienic Mat


Although mostly streets and outdoor environments are relatively clean, shoes are among the most germ-worn clothing. Microorganisms carried by hundreds, perhaps thousands of shoes are spreading throughout the day in all kinds of external environments that you can think of, workplaces, shopping malls, schools, hospitals. Especially in terms of human health, this situation may cause dangers.

For this reason, food products that are presented openly in shopping malls, cafes or restaurants should be protected in terms of hygiene. Providing the hygiene of the wheels of the cars used to carry the products coming from outside or the shoes of the people who come to shop is the sine qua non of these studies. In addition, hygienic mats at the entrance and exit of these institutions will be very useful for people with weak body resistances such as patients, children and elderly people in schools and hospitals. Hygienic mats, succeeding to trap liquid with antibacterial property spilled on it and shoes etc. are the tools that provide cleaning of clothing.

These mats, which are very simple to clean, have various models. YIBTECH HP 75 is one of these models. This hygienic mat with a stainless steel chamber is suitable for use in the entrances of homes and businesses. Also being washable shows that it can be cleaned quickly.


Product Summary: Washable Hygienic Mat
Material: 304/4N Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 60 x 75 x 1.5 cmh
Areas of Usage: Schools, Hospitals, Kitchens, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Factories, Food and Beverage Factories, Commercial Properties, Airports