Who We Are?

For 35 years Yiber experience and unique Yibtech branding, we continue to increase our steps day by day and our solutions are preferred in many important projects in different parts of the world.

The use of most up-to-date technology, production of long-lasting products and excellent customer satisfaction are at the heart of Yiber’s corporate and Yibtech brand vision.

What We Do?

Our mission as Yibtech; to show power and reliability of the Turkish manufacturer to the world by bringing the best quality products to our customers and by providing effective and accurate after-sales services.

In the application of Yibtech Hygiene and Yibtech Medical Solutions, we offer the best and most effective solutions by analyzing the needs of our customers, we totally direct them in this direction and offer them customized solutions.

An International Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer, Yiber has the CE certification in standard electrical products and also has ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 18001: 2007, ISO 13485: 2012 International Quality Certificates for company production to engage with the world according to the international manufacturing regulations.

From Turkey to the every corner of the world, Yibtech Hygiene and Yibtech Medial Solutions and CIZZZ Insect Killing Devices to become important brands of is the most beautiful example of how seriously we do our job.